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n7player Music Player Premium v3.0-Beta-3

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n7player Music Player Premium v3.0-Beta-3
n7player Music Player Premium v3.0-Beta-3
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: n7player is a supreme music player with innovative user interface and powerful audio processing.

n7player is a unique music player with an advanced equalizer and one of a kind interface.
Includes: 10-band equalizer, seperate bass & treble, folders, 3d sounds effects, lyrics, skins, album art downloader & manager, lockscreens, widgets, tag editor, playlist manager, sleep timer. Scroll down for more!
Main music player functions:
* Change multiple sound parameters thanks to the 10-band graphic equalizer (with built-in preamp) with many built-in presets
* Play majority of audio formats and file types: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv(4.0+), flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+)
* Boost the bass or reduce the treble with seperate bass and treble controls
* Customizable volume normalization or add spatial effects and SRS (device-dependent)
* Play music in normal or random order, shuffle or repeat
* Change the channel balance (left-right)
* Save and restore playback position
* Play songs without interruption (gapless mode)
Multiple customizations & control options:
* Customize the appearance thanks to many available skins and themes (with a little skills you can even create your own!)
* Manage and download missing album arts, select best looking cover
* Edit tags (for all supported formats)
* Browse library by artists, albums, songs, genres, playlists, folders
* Filter folders, restrict catalog directory to specific folders, hide or delete group of albums and artists to keep your library clean
* Control your music with notification panel when outside of music player
* Customize headset buttons function for controlling your mp3
* Multiselect – select multiple items to create playlist or add to current queue
* Create, edit, manage and display playlists, automatic playlists (m3u, m3u8, pls support)
* Lots of configuration options to tweak & customize various app parameters
* Display embedded lyrics and downloads missing ones using external plugin
* Two different lock screens (system Android 4.0/ICS+, and our own)
* Support for many scrobbler applications
* Control your playback with several widget formats
* Configurable sleep timer to automatically turn off
* Share what is playing
In conjunction with the Toaster UPNP/DLNA, the application for streaming music, videos and photos:
* Stream audio to the other devices available on the local network
* Supports UPNP, DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast devices
Some modules of this player (graphics EQ, tag editor and folder browser) will be locked after the 14 days from the date of the first launch and will require the purchase of a license key.
n7 music player has been positively reviewed: :
“n7player makes browsing your own library and finding music to listen to fun again.”
Score: 95%, RH Recommended Medal
“It’s not often that I come across an application that displaces a default choice on my phone within minutes of me downloading it, but the N7Player music player is just one such. I think it’s brilliant.”
“super snazzy interface”
“N7 is a slick, stylish and feature-rich music player for Android that vows to replace any alternative that you’re currently hooked to.”
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3.0 Beta 3
Contains various improvements, the following list is not yet final.
New features:
Crossfade added (turn it on in Playback Options)
New animations for plane album click
Changed the way merged album are shown – now we show the longest (track wise) artist on the plane and we add the mini number in the upper right edge which shows total/bonus artist count
Added support for the DISC NUMBER tags
Beta 2-1: New landscape views for now playing and plane albums
Beta 2-8: Added now playing track indicator on every new screen displaying track list
Beta 2-11: Addes support for non-ASCII sorting
Fixed following bugs:
Improved animation performance
Better plane font rendering on various (particulary low density) devices
Further reduces CPU usage
Fixed merge album by name
Search now respects the option Add to Queue as Default
Fixed some issues with disappearing album arts
Press prev to rewind option now works
Resolved issue with duplicated album arts on the main plane
Fixed some UI glitches when rotating main plane
Better track names sorting on track list
Prev/next should no longer lock itself when long pressing and the finger is taken up from the control
Multiple stability improvements and small UI fixes
Added info about not working skins. Locked skin change option
Plane genres modes should now properly show albums for genres
Fixed wrong play icon state on the first startup on some devices
Beta 2-2: Plane should now have good size on both orientations, on both phones and tablets
Beta 2-3: Fixed that issue
Beta 2-9: Tag editor should now work
Beta 2-12: Various fixes related to headphones buttons. Please report if any new fixes are found. Be aware that some headphones use different wiring for volume control and that cannot be handled properly on Android devices
Search not yet modernized
Library screens: Albums, Genres, Playlists, Folders not yet modernized
Lockscreen not yet modernized
EQ screens not yet modernized
ICS lockscreen / Classic lockscreen sometimes does not work correctly
Toaster button on now playing screen is not yet functional
Missing song switch when swiping left/right
This version cannot be installed next to Amazon Undergrond version
This app has no advertisements
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PREMIUM features Unlocked

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