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Gunship Helicopter:Air battle v1.0 [Mod Money]

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Gunship Helicopter:Air battle v1.0 [Mod Money]
Gunship Helicopter:Air battle v1.0 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: It’s a first person shooting game. Where users have critical missions to complete. Compete with one of the brutal enemy who play game of war with every country. In this age of fire, everyone suffers the consequences.
Gunship Helicopter:Air battle v1.0 [Mod Money]
Their military helicopter, war planes raid the public places. Invading your country with the heavy machines and making every place is a war zone. Your king just wanted to save his own empire and his throne, not thinking about the common people. The alliances with other countries did not work out. The fire of ignorance is going to affect all. In this clash of power everyone seems hopeless
It’s a call of modern warfare and it’s a monster strike. The battleships of enemies are on the shore and more troops are on their way.
You are alone in this warzone since your rulers have become a diamond digger and it’s not a secret anymore, protecting your countrymen from the brutal army, attacking everyone. Being equipped with the latest machine gun and rocket launcher, you need to destroy the convoys, Humvees, tanks and helicopters of the enemies heading towards foursquare. There are waves after waves that won’t let you settle down.
Loosing this battle is not acceptable,
you need to win at any cost.
The mission you have been assigned named as “Helicopter Battle”
Top game features
-Multiple weapons
-Variety of Armors to protect
-Medical kit
-Air strike
-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, humvees, Tanks
-Challenging missions
-Machine gun and upgraded RPG
-Optimized controls
-Amazing 3D environment
-Real sound effects

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