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Fruit Ninja v2.3.4 [Mods]

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Fruit Ninja v2.3.4 [Mods]
Fruit Ninja v2.3.4 [Mods]
Requirements: 3.0+

The premium Fruit Ninja experience is back. Let’s do this!
NEW LEVEL CAP – The bar has been raised! There are now 100 levels to unlock, including some extra juicy surprises!
SAYONARA, STARFRUIT – Premium currency is no more. Cash in your existing stockpile to level up and unlock swag galore!
MISSION REWARDS – Completing missions now unlocks power-ups. Hiiii-yah!
CLASSIC INTERFACE – The celebrations are over but the party never ends. We hope you enjoyed the event!
Ask and you shall receive! Fruit Ninja is back and armed to the teeth with all-new modifiers for your favourite blades and dojos.
Bonus skills and special surprises – whether you are fending off perplexing peaches or annihilating apples, this is the time to reach into your armoury for an extra fruity power-up.
Fixed a bug with level 42.
Stay juicy, ya’ll!
Mega Mod:
1. Combo bonus
2. Time bonus
3. Life bonus
4. Plum time bonus
5. Frenzy time bonus
6. Frenzy chance bonus
7. Enable fruit magnet
8. Enable pixel bombs
9. Enable dragon fruits in arcade
10. Enable bomb deflector
11. Enable blackhole plums
12. Max blitz bonus
13. Easy blitz factor
14. Always critical
15. Slower fruits
16. Gravity defying fruits (‘cuz why not)
17. General fruit chance multiplier
18. Powerup rewards multiplier
19. Disable bombs
20. Fast level up

*Use the lite version for less game-breaking cheats

More Info:…ick.fruitninja

Download Instructions:
Mega Mod:
*Lite Mod:

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