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크레이지드래곤 (광룡) (Crazy Dragon) v1.0.1040 (Mod)

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크레이지드래곤 (광룡) (Crazy Dragon) v1.0.1040 (Mod)
크레이지드래곤 (광룡) (Crazy Dragon) v1.0.1040 (Mod)
Requirements: 3.0+

★ Game Features ★
# Hero character’s appearance and abilities change depending on the equipment!
– Warrior, Mage, consisting of an assassin hero characters will change the appearance and capabilities into nine parts item.
– You can add a more powerful option to set the item.
# Boarding, summons, express your own powerful team of mercenaries that can replace hundreds!
– Toured the hero character is by constructing two mercenaries as a team, you can launch a variety of battlefield strategy.
– Mercenaries have a dedicated skills and increase retention skills the higher the rating.
– You can expand the more powerful combat aboard the dragon of legend.
# Mercenary Heroes and mutual support high-speed level up!
– The hero mercenaries and mercenary training can foster a hero.
– Cradling a total of 12 characters with four teams, you can create a siege troops.
# Play a strategic collaboration in various battles all!
– Siege, 1:01 Heroes, 3:03 War team, the melee ago, Guild ago, no boring fight, such as cracks in an infinite variety of Farmington dungeon.
# The most powerful weapon for victory! Associated skills and combo action!
– Linked to the skills and combos utilizing the skills of dozens of active species can exert a strong power.
– It can be associated skills, combos played, sophisticated strategies to control charging of skill to play.
# Gather in the village to start the adventure!
– The village can only perform this mission meeting between the guild and the user community in an open field made.
# Best Fantasy Dragon romance! The roar of the gwangryong begins.
You can experience the war as a weapon of last resort in keuraeyiji RPG Dragon.
1) Heroes weekly ranking initialization time and compensation time change
2) naver official SDK adds features Cafe
3) improved levels of rapport during continuous use so that even a mercenary hunting achieve 100% continuous hunting is not finished
4) to improve the tooltip for this item is clicked upon the material items in the inventory out
5) improved chat messages emitted when the item drop
6) Fixed a phenomenon that was upgraded material items are not marked quantity
8) occasionally modified a phenomenon that is impossible to go to the area to move when the town moved
9) Fixed a phenomenon that was not indicated in the N also by acquiring new items or mercenaries Book
10) Fixed a phenomenon in which the monster is spawned at the wrong location (coordinates) in the Mojave area
11) Lobby friend improvements phenomenon of black screen is output intermittently when moving
12) FX effect of some skill and tactics have changed

Mod Info:
– Damage *20
– Life Steal Increased (Get all Hp Back When Hit Monster)
– Attack Speed Increased
– Run Speed Increased
– Defense Increased a Little (enemy wont 1 shot you)
– Cheat Detection Bypassed

Enemy Will Also Have The Same Stat, But You Will Not Die Instantly

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