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Roam Control v2.0.0.g2 (2.0.0.g2) Android Apk App

Roam Control 2.0.0.g2
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Roam Control allows you to force roaming on your CDMA cell phone. It is useful when you are in an area with a weak signal and your phone does not roam onto a stronger roaming signal.

Putting your phone into ROAM ONLY mode will make your phone choose the roaming signal, improving the reliability of your phone and improving battery life. The previous version in the market had over 12,000 downloads and a near-5 star rating!

* HTC phones on the Sprint network (unrooted and rooted)
* Rooted Samsung phones on the Sprint network
* Rooted Nexus S 4G
* Rooted Motorola phones on the Sprint network
* May support rooted HTC and Samsung phones on other networks
* Note: May lock you into roaming with Samsung phones on US Cellular, see website or email me for details.

* Allows you to set roaming mode to ROAM ONLY, AUTO, and HOME ONLY
* Optional roaming notification in the notification bar
* Includes a widget for easy access
* Includes a plugin for Locale and Tasker

* Please understand that you will need enough of a signal to contact the Android licensing server the first time you run the app. If you don't have a good cellular signal, try using wifi. If you believe there is an issue with the licensing, please try contacting me!
* Samsung users may not see a signal when in "roam only" in the following areas: most of TX (except for the Houston area), most of FL, the Chicago area, and PR. Please see the website FAQ for more information. Feel free to give it a try - if it doesn't work out, please contact me for a refund.
* Please read and understand your carrier's roaming policy before using Roam Control. Any fees and consequences are your responsibility.
* I will honor refund requests within 24 hours since the market only gives you 15 minutes to try out an app.

* If the license check fails, the "Buy" button is supposed to bring up the market, but it will give you an error instead. Due to the extensive build process, I'm waiting for a future release to correct this minor issue.




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