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Battlenova v1.1.2 (1.1.2) Android Apk Game

Battlenova 1.1.2
Requirements: Android 2.3+

After a freak lab accident infected him with the DNA of an unknown species, Harry’s life as Biotechnologist for the Ministry of National Defense was destroyed. He mutated into an Alien and gained the ability to evolve at a fast rate. The MND failed to eliminate him, and Harry escaped to outer space, where he created a host of other Aliens.

Harry’s former university classmate, the great physicist Dr. Nick, created a weapons system to defeat the Aliens. Meanwhile, an ancient extraterrestrial race called Spirit drifted into this war as well. This high-technology race sought to protect its homeland. Summoning an ancient army, Spirit now is the third player in this epic battle. Humans vs. Aliens vs. Sprit … who will win?


Fight for the universe in Battlenova, the mobile sci-fi strategy game. Construct your city, train your hero, develop your skills, edit your formations, and arrange your units.

Human, Alien, and Spirit are the three in-game competing races. Humans have a weaker defense, but provide strong firepower. Aliens have a fast attack rate, but weaker firepower. Spirit has strong defense but less effective firepower. Players can attack other races at any time, raid their resources and capture their city.


?3 unique races, with different combat styles
?Over 45 different buildings and 10 upgrade levels for each building
?Over 30 unique battle units
?Approximately 600 quests
?5 large battle maps
?Over 400 equipment items
?Edit formations and units, and create your own tactics.
?Optimized Hero Training System
?Integrated chatting, mailing and guild system
?Raid or capture another player's city and even dominate the whole universe
?Fight against enemies with your friends
?Hundreds of player vs. player points


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